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NFC Manned Guarding Solutions have arrived 18 October 2012

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Reslink Solutions are a firm of NFC (near field Communications) specialists who have been providing real-time security guard touring solutions for many companies including G4S and Securitas. Using the latest NFC embedded mobile devices managers are able to view the exact patrol route that their operatives have taken whilst on tour. All route data is accessible in real-time via a secure web portal.

The Reslink platform has reporting functionality, location based reports can be generated to aid investigations especially in cases of exceptional circumstances. There is also the option of 3rd party scaled down access for clients, customers and end users alike for cases where attendance needs to be proved. Site set up can normally be achieved within 24 hours. Control room updates and changes can be sent to the field operatives device in real-time without the need to return field devices back to a central control center. The platform also encompasses LWP, control to field messaging and real-time site photos can be sent back to the control room.

Please note that some devices will allow push to talk (P2T). Reslink can also return the field operatives GPS co-ordinates back to the control room plotting the location of the guard or field operative on a map. Again this process takes place in real-time. Location alerts can be configured should a guard not arrive at a predefined destination within a given time and should this happen authorised members of staff can be notified via text or email. Cost of ownership is extremely low. For more information please visit the Reslink website.

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