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Real-time Guard Tour Monitoring for Security Companies with the ENAiKOON NFC Tracking System

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German telematics company, ENAiKOON, has launched the inViu NFC-tracker, a new Android app used for the complete ENAiKOON NFC tracking system for security companies that tracks and manages tasks, patrol routes, and guard activity using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. This Android NFC app developed by ENAiKOON is the first of its kind that connects to a backend web portal server.

The inViu NFC-tracker optimises guard tours with remote task management and real-time tracking of guard activity. Guards are equipped with NFC-enabled smartphones while NFC tags are mounted onto every patrol check point. These guards would then scan the NFC tags with their phones throughout their tour, which collects the check-in times at each check point. The phone then stores the information and sends it to the ENAiKOON servers for further analysis through the online web portal, inViu pro. These NFC tags can store data, such as patrol requests and specific tasks for the guards, which makes task delegation and training easier for the managers. When combined with the tour-tracker plugin, the system can monitor guard activity and detect delays in scheduled guard tour patrols, allowing management to give real-time feedback to guards and react promptly to unforeseen security issues.

The NFC tracking system is low cost compared to other tracking systems as the only hardware needed is an off-the-shelf NFC-capable Android smartphone. There are many tracking possibilities as NFC tags can take almost any size, shape, or form. Paperless accounting, real-time tracking, and optimised employee management are just some of the features of the inViu NFC-tracker system. For security companies, it improves the accuracy of patrol reports, guard compliance, internal communication, and emergency response time.

“We knew we had to develop a tracking solution using NFC technology when we saw its rise in popularity and endless tracking possibilities,” said Markus Semm, managing director of ENAiKOON. “Security companies can greatly benefit from our NFC tracking system as it decreases hardware, training, and administration costs. We are extremely excited to introduce NFC-tracker to our inViu Android app family.”

What sets inViu NFC-tracker apart from the other NFC apps is its backend software. inViu pro is an intelligent and adaptable online asset tracking and management software. With an inViu pro account, users can synchronise their account with the inViu NFC-tracker app, which sends all scanned information to the ENAiKOON server. Users can remotely view the collected data with any web browser. From the online web portal, users can further analyse the collected data, export it into reports, or share with other authorised users.

ENAiKOON has also developed other Android apps, such as inViu OpenCellID, inViu GPS-details, and inViu traffic-counter. They are working towards one, integrated suite of the inViu app series.


Since their inception in 1992, ENAiKOON has been a leader in delivering telematics solutions to businesses in the logistics, transport, medical, cleaning, and construction industries. This Berlin-based German company specialises in tailoring mobile tracking solutions for each individual customer, often aiding in theft prevention, employee monitoring, and fleet management. The combination of their sophisticated online asset-tracking software and adaptable range of GPS devices ensures their customers security, operation efficiency, and business optimisation.

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